Thursday, November 5, 2009

Granny is going on a mission!!!! Last night we had a party for her in Riverton, we get to here her farewell talk on Sunday, and it is off to the MTC for her on Monday. We are so excited for her.
and wish her the best of luck!

Above is me and the girls with grandma Mike.
Below Me, Kylee and Grandmy Mike!!!
So this was halloween night just before we went trick or treating. We were such a festive little family. We had Taiia the cutest scary witch ever, Ava the adorable orange fairy, Keisha the hottest 80's chick, and Kam the sweetest angel in the world!

Ava is such a cheese!!!!

So everyone who came trick or treating with us last year remebers Taiia pretty much the slowest trick or treater ever....I'm not even sure if she was really enjoying herself.

This year however, she got smart and went trick or treating with the babies!!! She was the first one at the door on every house. And actually Ava loved trick or treating....It was so cute she would take the candy and put it in her bucket it was adorable!!!!

Taiia is all tuckered out!!!!!

These pics are from earlier Halloween night we were just practicing striking poses....

Ava, Not so much striking poses!!!!.....

Taiia, Always striking a pose. This one is probably her most famous pose it comes out almost every time you tell her you are taking a picture, and if you say "Strike a Pose" You bet this is It!!!!

Oh and miss Ava would probably brush her teeth all day long if I would let 1her. What can I say the girl is practicing good Hygiene at a really early age!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I know it is a huge shock to all my blogging friends that there are like 10 new pictures posted today but you know every 6 months at least I need to update!!!! I promise I will get posting sooner. So Taiia was a scary witch. She was such a ham. Her preschool teacher told me she kept on hiding and jumping out and scarying all the other kids.

Little Ava was wearing her favorite TuTu outfit and sporting some super cute purple fairy wings!

This is our super HOT family....who knows what kam is and I am of course in the HOTTEST 80's outfit ever. At the family Halloween party my new name is the spandex queen....i know everyone is jealous of my unitard!!!!

On Saturday the 24th of October all of us kids got together to celebrate our mom's Birthday! We had a party. We went to Leatherby's and then went to Boondocks and played arcades. We really enjoy getting all of us together. We only wish it happened more often!!!

We were at our friend shirlenes house and ava found a magenta colored marker. She sucked on it and painted her lips....when we found her, the whole inside of her mouth was hot pink and she looked like we had put bright pink lip stick on her.

We went to kangaroo Zoo for cute Zion's birthday party here are some crazy eyes pictures. Ava loved it so much that she did not want to leave every time I would move away from her to get something she would run back in. What a Turkey!!!1

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February. Just before valentines We thought they would have a little dance review but nope, not so much....We still took pictures any way! Ava thinks dance class is pretty fun too!!!
Taiia, as you can tell doesn't love the camera!

Taiia got more dress-ups for christmas and obviously she is HOT!

Ava got this Penguin that you bop and it plays music and makes silly noises. She loved it!!

Christmas morning 2008!!! It may not look like it here but Kam woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We went to bed at around 2 or 3 am and of course the kids were up early but Grandma held them off until 8am....Which was not enough!

Taiia was so fun this christmas she got a little mp3 player. She calls it her ipod like Devin's!!

Here we are at the Nelson family christmas party! Taiia got a whole set of princess dinner wear...needless to say she won't eat unless it's on her princess plate!!

Ava with grandma Zeffie!!! She loves her necklace!!!

Ava liked Santa....There was no crying or anything....Taiia we were worried about because she only likes santa from a distance, But.....

She actually did just fine. It was pretty cute, as soon as she was done on his lap she hopped off and said, " I did it mom!!!" She was so proud of herself, because really she was terrified of Santa!

This was our Olson family Christmas party! It was on the 20th of December. We had a good time. Ate Dinner and exchanged gifts with eachother!!!Taiia got a trunk full of dress ups! She couldn't have been happier!

Taiia's winter review at dance was soooo cute. they were little reindeer. I can't believe it has really been this long since I have posted. Taiia is loving dance!!!

Devin and Taiia

Devin and Taiia